Photographer Sisse Langfeldt & Maria Linder has created and build Slow Mornings Photographic Art together.


SlowMornings is Photographic Art. It is created when the artist is present, calm, contemplating and at peace.


From time to time life can feel like a hectic never-ending whirlwind of chores, expectations and deadlines. It can all become, just a tad too much and you can feel like you are losing yourself.


Slow Down. Exhale. Relax and breathe. It is simple, but not necessarily easy.


For Photographer, Sisse Langfeldt slowing down has become a very conscious choice. She has decided to pause herself from the common, but all to hectic, work/life pace and find her own more peaceful way. That includes a lot of Slow Mornings.


“It is when I am really present and at peace, the magic moments appear. That is when I recognize and discover the most delicate opportunities for a great shot” she says.


A spectacular story told by nature. A person looking puzzled and unaware. Old buildings looming in the afternoon sun light or children playing around on the beach not attending to their surroundings, but just enjoying life.”


When Sisse is in that peaceful present mode it so sincerely reflects on her work and it becomes Photographic Art.